11:00 Worship Service

Here at Temple Baptist Church, we gather in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m. (following Sunday School) for our weekly Worship Service.

Our service is more traditional in nature, drawing on the rich history of worship through the centuries, weaving together a beautiful tapestry of various types of music along with multiple Scripture readings, congregational readings and prayer, a children’s message, and biblical preaching. Indeed, the proclamation of the Word of God is central in all we do as we worship.

We gather each Lord’s Day (Sunday) to worship the God who has revealed Himself to Israel and to the church through His Word and His work in this world He created, and supremely in His Son Jesus Christ. He has revealed Himself as one God in three Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has given us His salvation through His Son’s life, death on the cross, and resurrection. So the only really appropriate response to Him is worship!

When we truly worship, we are lifted up into the eternal realm for a time, as Isaiah was in Isaiah 6 and John was in Revelation 4-5. Our focus shifts from ourselves and our life in this world to God and our life together in Him. To experience this kind of lifting up, we must lose ourselves in the wonder of who God is and of His redemptive work in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Our worship is really all about God. We adore Him. We interpret our lives under Him. We respond in faithful obedience to Him. He speaks, we respond.

So in worship, the church (the body of Christ) gathers in an encounter with the living God, who has revealed Himself in Scripture and supremely in His Son, Jesus Christ. We focus on God; He is the center of our worship. We declare and celebrate God’s mighty acts, particularly in Christ, and His presence and work among us through His Holy Spirit. We carry on a holy conversation with God, a dialog in which God speaks and we respond. We seek to exalt God and to build up the body of Christ. God summons us and speaks to us through His Word and by His Spirit, and we respond in praise, thanksgiving, and faithful obedience.

At Temple, our worship is warm, vibrant, and welcoming. We would be delighted to have you worship with us any Lord’s Day.

You can also listen to our 11:00 Worship Service live on WAAV 980 AM in Wilmington. If you’re not in WAAV’s broadcast signal range, you can click on our “Listen Live” link and stream the service live over the internet.

For more information, please contact the church office at info@templebaptist.us or 910-763-3351.

  September 2020  
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