March 2019   
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We at Temple Baptist Church are looking to celebrate and honor those that rescue and encourage children who are often left without a voice during times of abuse. This year we are having our second annual Blue Sunday Service and Luncheon in order to honor these people in our lives in the best way we can. This service will be held Sunday, April 29th, 2018 at 11:00am at Temple Baptist Church with our luncheon and speakers following. All police and social service workers and their families are invited to the luncheon as a thank you for the service you perform to the community and the support and encouragement that you give to those in terrible positions.


We ask that you RSVP the church at 910-763-3351 or email us at Please include any questions or allergies that you may want to inform us with so we can make you an alternative. Thanks and God Bless.